My (Personal) Experience With Bare Lifts

Bare Lifts is one of those products that made me do a double take the first time I heard about it. I originally saw the infomercial, which made me immediately suspicious; not much that is sold on television is as good as it says. But I was also curious. After all, who wouldn’t be of an adhesive stick-on bra that lifts your breasts from the top? So, I decided to try it out.

Purchasing the Product:

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Buying it is easy. If you happen to catch the TV commercial you can do it through the phone, but otherwise you can go to their official website and order there. They have a secure checkout on their front page, which will give you their special introductory offer – right now it is $10 for 20 Lifts. They take all major credit cards, though not PayPal. The payment processing is from a secure page though, so security wasn’t a major concern.

If you are planning on trying these out, I would suggest you do so soon. The offer of 20 for $10 means you will be getting twice the number of pads for much less than you would usually pay. A pack of 10 is usually $20, so you see what I mean. I don’t know if this is a marketing ploy and/or how long this will last on there.

How It Works:

Bare Lifts are basically stick-on bras. They are made to be painless when applied and removed, so that you don’t end up with skin irritation. This is demonstrated in the commercial, with a woman putting one onto her leg, then removing it. The stickers work by:

1.      Placing the sticker on the top of the breast, so that it is situated with the ends near the nipples, and the top at the breast bone.

2.      Remove the paper from the sticky part, so that the adhesive side is pressed firmly (but gently) into the skin of the breast.

3.      Pull gently upward, so that the whole breast lifts and then stays in position, which it should do without causing any pain. If there is pain, you have reapplied it incorrectly, and it will need to be removed so you can try again.

According to the company, this should work for anyone with cup sizes of A – D, so there is a great variety in the size it will be effective for. If you are larger than that, I am afraid you are on your own. You can also wear them with a bra for “extra lift”.

Actual Test:

Yes, I bought a set and decided to try it out myself. First of all, the shipping wasn’t great. It took me a few days longer than I am used to to finally get my package, which means this review came later than I had expected it to. But I would say that is my biggest complaint. The actual product has some pretty positive features:

  • They will lift. This means it does what it ultimately says it will. I am in a later D-cup, so I was skeptical that it would be able to handle the weight and size of my breasts, but I was wrong. It lifted them beautifully. For comparison, I had a friend who is in an early B-cup try it out, and it not only made them look perkier but also bigger, something she was pretty happy about ;)
  • They don’t hurt. I thought that it would be one of those things where it says it is painless, but it turns out the women in the infomercial have been given some kind of long-lasting pain shot to kill all sensation in their nerves. But it was actually pretty comfortable, once you got over the initial feeling of it being there.
  • They are waterproof and sturdy. I tested both of these theories by wearing them to the gym, during both a full cardio work out, strength training, and then a dip in the pool for laps. I spend an hour and a half working out, and it stayed in place the whole time. Half of the time my bra won’t even do that. The key thing you have to watch out for is that you don’t leave air bubbles in (pretty easy to do), and don’t leave any ‘open ends’.
  • They last the full day, which is pretty nice. I have seen stick-on bras before, and the most they usually cover is a few hours.

That being said, there are a few less positive things I noticed. For one, towards the last hour of wear there had been a definite reduction to the lift. It was still acting well enough that I looked like I had a bra on, just one that didn’t fit as well. This happened around the 15-hour mark, which is still pretty good, all things considered.

Key Observations:


  • Bare Lifts work like they say they will, providing a real lift without the use of the bra.
  • They can be used with a bra to give even more perkiness.
  • They work no matter what size breasts you have, from A – D, and some reports say they will work even up to E, though not as well.
  • They don’t hurt.
  • They are waterproof.


  • They only work for one day per Bare Lifts pad.
  • They start to lose their lift as the day winds down…atleast for bigger bust sizes.
  • They are too expensive to use every day, until you are willing to pay around $30 per month, but are great for special occasions.
  • Dite addio ai vostri emorroidi attraverso il nostro sito informazioni.

Final Thoughts : The product really sells itself – it’s way more comfortable than bras, looks much better, and the price is EXTREMELY good. My only ‘problems’ with them were the cumbersome buying process (you have to click through like 4 different offers to finish your order) and the somewhat slower shipping (2 days over the estimate). Other than that, Bare Lifts is/are awesome!

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